Suspension Repair


We Have Complete State-Of-The-Art Suspension Repair Services!

Making sure the suspension of your vehicle works properly should be as routine as oil changes or brake replacements as it helps you have better control while driving. If you feel you do not have control over your vehicle lately, it may be time to have your suspension looked at. Mudgett’s Auto Body is the biggest auto body shop around the Baltimore area with years of experience to put your car back on the road.


Symptoms of a bad suspension

Knowing if you have a bad suspension may seem tricky. If you notice your driving does not feel the way it used to, look out for these symptoms:


  1. If you feel “every bump” in the road and your car bounces when it hits those bumps, it could be a sign to get your suspension system looked at by a professional. Your vehicle’s shock absorbers should “absorb” the bumps and bounces in the road.
  2. Steering may seem more difficult. The suspension and steering rely on each other to control the vehicle properly. Even though the difficulty in steering can mean something like low power steering fluid, it is still important to have an expert evaluate your vehicle for proper diagnosis. Our technicians will look over your vehicle with precision and attention to detail to determine the root of your steering problem.
  3. Your vehicle may pull when you turn, which can increase your risk of flipping your vehicle. The suspension system is made of tie rods, springs, control arms, and other components that could be to blame for the sudden pulling.
  4. When your vehicle lurches forward while stopping your vehicle, take it to a certified technician as soon as possible. “Lurching” happens when the vehicle’s shocks do not distribute the weight evenly.
  5. You may notice your tires are wearing down unevenly. Don’t get new tires just yet! A worn-out suspension places uneven pressure on your tires, which causes uneven wearing. Have the underlying problem fixed by a technician prior to replacing your tires.
  6. Lastly, if you look under your vehicle, you may notice the shocks and struts underneath look greasy and oily. This could mean that there is leaking that needs to be looked at quickly.


Still not sure? You can also try the “bounce test.” Put your car in park and press down on your vehicle (front and rear). Bounce it a few times. If it bounces a few more times after you stop, your suspension is going bad. A bad suspension means less control you have over your vehicle, which can affect your overall safety.


An auto body shop you can trust

Having a functional and healthy suspension system is necessary to keep you safe on the road. Our professional technicians will evaluate your vehicle’s suspension system by going over your complete suspension including shocks, springs, struts, bushings, wheel bearings, joints, and axles.


Get your suspension checked as soon as possible by a licensed technician to avoid costly future repairs. Schedule a free estimate by calling 410-833-3368.



Our goal is to make your experience as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible. Trust the our expertly-trained technicians with your vehicle’s paint repair!

Quality Work

We remove all your vehicle’s trim, handles, lighting, and accessories to ensure no original color is left behind. With professional blending, our paint jobs are factory-quality. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Certified Staff

Painting your vehicle requires precision, expertise, professional training, and exactitude. Mudgett’s Auto Body has the best detail-oriented, professional and courteous staff in the area.

Top Notch Facility

Here at Mudgett’s, we take pride in our facility. We have 3 Garmat® down draft heated paint booths. Each booth has wonderful airflow and lighting that allows for quality paint work and color matching.

Latest Tools & Technology

Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large gash, Mudgett’s Auto Body has the tools and latest paint-matching technology and software to make sure your paint is a seamless match. Your paint job is 100% guaranteed.

Customer Experience

Our service offers unmatched levels of satisfaction, communication and confidence at every step of the process. We provide professional, exact color-matching paint jobs – warranted for 5 years!

Automotive Insurance

Most insurance companies will try to send you to a ‘preferred’ auto body repair shop. Mudgett’s Auto Body is willing to work with ANY insurance company.