Our Facility


Mudgett’s facility is an 18,000 square foot collision repair building located at 2960 Dede Road, Finksburg, MD. The facility was completed in 2003 and has a design built for functionality and comfort. No expenses were spared on lighting and heating to ensure all works would be able to work in a comfortable environment so each technician can perform to their best quality to ensure your vehicle is receiving the best treatment.


Here at Mudgett’s, we take pride in our facility and keeping it clean. We created the design to maximize efficiency, organization, cleanliness, and services. When you are here, ask us for a FREE tour! We would be happy to show you around.

18 bay collision / mechanical shop

In-ground lifts

Car-O-Liner® frame machines – advanced machines to increase productivity and to ensure safety

Chart frame machine – restores vehicle frame damage when necessary to straighten the frame back to original specifications

Car-O-Liner® electronic measuring systems – allows exact measuring and eliminates uncertainties before, during, and after repairs

Data spot welder – state-of-the-art welding system that allows for duplication of factory spot welds on most vehicles

MIG welders – ensures quality welds

13 bay paint shop

3 Garmat® down draft heated paint booths – each booth has wonderful airflow and lighting, which allows for quality paint work and color matching. All walls are insulated for effective dry times and are environmentally friendly. This helps prevent heat loss for better efficiency during the bake cycle

3,000 square feet separate office area

38 bin parts department – used to maintain organization and efficiency

55 car, fenced parking lot – locked at night for security