Frame Damage & Repair


We Have The Experience To Take The Stress Out Of Frame Repair!

Frame damage can severely impact the safety of your vehicle, especially since it is the foundation on which the rest of your car sits. Our trusted technicians at Mudgett’s Auto Body will work with you to make your vehicle safe again by using our state-of-the-art equipment that can detect even the slightest amount of frame damage.


How the frame repair process works

When you bring your vehicle to Mudgett’s Auto Body, we place your vehicle on a frame straightening machine. Around the platform of the machine are posts that rotate 350 degrees and move along the perimeter of the platform around the vehicle. Using laser technology, the machine will assess the extent of frame damage on the vehicle. The assessment determines whether the frame can be repaired or if the vehicle needs to be totaled.


Once the vehicle is deemed repairable, we clamp the vehicle to the platform and attach chains from the surrounding posts to the vehicle in the areas that need to be fixed. Our powerful hydraulic equipment will then increase tension on the chains to begin the frame straightening process. Afterward, our technology will re-assess the damage to determine if the vehicle frame has been corrected and meets factory specific measurement requirements.


Determining “invisible” frame damage

Sometimes, if an accident is minor, you may not realize that your vehicle has any frame damage; however, as crash testing has evolved over the years, vehicles are being made to “crinkle” as a better safety measure to protect drivers and passengers in accidents. Although this has been a life-saving development, vehicles may sustain frame damage even in minor accidents. It is important to have your vehicle checked by specialized technicians as soon as possible to make sure your vehicle is still safe. Fortunately, there are ways to help you determine if you may have frame damage:


  1. Out-of-place gaps in body panels
  2. Wheels that stick outward or inward
  3. Vehicle pulls to left or right even after an alignment
  4. Frequently needing to replace suspension parts


Trust the experts with your vehicle

If you experience any of these problems or believe you may have frame damage, bring your vehicle to Mudgett’s Auto Body as soon as possible for a professional diagnosis and solution. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee our certified technicians will provide exceptional results that will make you proud. Call 410-833-3368 today for a free estimate!



Our goal is to make your experience as convenient, painless and hassle-free as possible. Trust the our expertly-trained technicians with your vehicle’s paint repair!

Quality Work

We remove all your vehicle’s trim, handles, lighting, and accessories to ensure no original color is left behind. With professional blending, our paint jobs are factory-quality. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Certified Staff

Painting your vehicle requires precision, expertise, professional training, and exactitude. Mudgett’s Auto Body has the best detail-oriented, professional and courteous staff in the area.

Top Notch Facility

Here at Mudgett’s, we take pride in our facility. We have 3 Garmat® down draft heated paint booths. Each booth has wonderful airflow and lighting that allows for quality paint work and color matching.

Latest Tools & Technology

Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large gash, Mudgett’s Auto Body has the tools and latest paint-matching technology and software to make sure your paint is a seamless match. Your paint job is 100% guaranteed.

Customer Experience

Our service offers unmatched levels of satisfaction, communication and confidence at every step of the process. We provide professional, exact color-matching paint jobs – warranted for 5 years!

Automotive Insurance

Most insurance companies will try to send you to a ‘preferred’ auto body repair shop. Mudgett’s Auto Body is willing to work with ANY insurance company.